IT When starting a Business

So when you started your business, how many of you used your Home PC/MAC for the first few months, maybe even the first year?

But how safe is it to do that?


Do other family members have access to that machine? Could they accidently delete those all important files, maybe your Business Plan? Or open an unsuspecting link from and email or on Social Media?


If you are launching a new business Ghost Computer Services would always recommend purchasing a separate machine to conduct your working day from.


First and foremost, allowing you a home life; no one wants to receive work notifications when all you wanted to do was to check the News Headlines on Sunday morning.


You can also keep your Social Media accounts developed for your business separate to your personal accounts ensuring that content not applicable to your business is not accidently posted or shared on the incorrect account.


But above anything you be will keeping your Dream safe and secure


Your contacts, Invoices, Purchase Orders, Quotes – the key areas which keep your business running


And you do not have to be an IT wiz kid, you just have to know one 😉 We offer Essex and Hertfordshire IT Support, all tailor made to suit a company’s individual business need. We can advise on the best hardware option, the best AV Security, and the Backup & Storage Solutions for your business. Whether a single user or your team consists of 5-20 users, Ghost can ensure we take the fright out of IT.


We are hoping that sharing our learning curves will give you something to think about; BUT whatever you choose to do, enjoy your business venture!!


Starting a new business

So you have your Business Idea. You have completed the Market Research to establish if your product or solution is viable. You have engaged with potential Partners and Suppliers and started to build those all important relationships, and now you are starting to formulate your Business Plan. Your Business Goals are proudly sitting centre stage of a large white board (recently purchased) at the ready for those all important champagne moments.


Your dream is about to become a reality…


But starting and running a business, making the right call on all those important decisions in the early days is key to the future success of your business.


Here at Ghost Computer Services we are passionate about small businesses, and have put together a few pointers we learnt along the way when starting up our then, small business…


  • A one-man band through to a large corporate company has a Legal Structure, and this needs to be defined early on. Depending on your choosing (Sole Trader, Limited or Partnership) will then depend on how you report to HRMC, Companies House (if Limited) or Partnership bodies. It also effects how you pay your Tax. Before making a decision of this nature, ensure you understand the Pro’s and Con’s of each, and maybe obtain some advice from a Trained Accountant


  • When selecting the accountancy firm for your business, understand that both parties need to work as a team. Your Accountant is essentially your first recruit, and a very important one. Try to engage with a firm that has been recommended to you, check out their online profile before calling or meeting with them, see who else in your geographical area deal with them. Make sure you obtain references and testimonials.


  • Working from Home can seem like a dream come true; idealistic views of ‘I can take the dog for a walk in the morning without having to leave at the crack of dawn’ or how about ‘it’ll be more cost effective to work from home where I already have a desk’… Working from home once or twice a week is great if you are used to working in a bustling office environment, however when it is every day the second and third month can become a challenge; the same four walls day in and day out, too many distractions (like the washing pile) but also making that all important divide between work life and home life. Maybe consider budgeting for Co-Working Space. Typically, only a few pounds per hour, and normally in an office space where other like minded business people reside!!! You are not totally on your own, the equipment is normally better, and the Wifi doesn’t wobble like it might do at home once schools are finished for the day. At Ghost, we offer that very solution from our Harlow office. We have found our co-working colleagues achieve more of their ‘to do list’ than they would from their home office.


We are hoping that sharing our learning curves will give you something to think about; BUT whatever you choose to do, enjoy your business venture!!