5 Security Tips for Your Business to Implement

Technology has become a convention of everyday life for many. But with an increased use of desktops, laptops and mobile devices, security awareness and implementation is crucial. There is no excuse for leaving the security of your business to chance, just follow these five security tips from the experts here at 39 Degress Services.

1 Implement Strong Passwords

Strong passwords are a quick and easy fix to improve the security of your devices.

To ensure that your password is secure avoid using any personal data like birthdates. Also, steer away from sequences of numbers that are close together. A combination of capital and lower case letters with numbers and symbols will make your password harder to crack.

2 Back-up Your Devices

Backing-up your services weekly onto an external hard drive or the cloud will ensure that your data is stored and cannot be lost. Incremental back-ups each night will provide a security copy that contains the files which have been altered since the last full backup. 39 Degress Services are experts on cloud services so your devices will be in safe hands.

3 Install Anti-Virus

An essential for online security, anti-virus software works as a line of defence against any attempts on attacking your network. You can rely on 39 Degress services to efficiently install and update anti-virus software for your work devices.

4 Put Up a Firewall

Whatever the size of your network, corporate or small, both have the same security issues. A software firewall will block and protect any unauthorized attempts on entering your network. The typical understanding of a firewall is that it works as a complete block, however it is more of a filter that is controlled by an access control list.

5 Inform Employees

Informing employees of the security measures that will be introduced and encouraging safe online habits can work as a further prevention method for any threats on your network. Just ask the experts of 39 Degress for any more information on security tips.

Are you interested in following these tips in the future?

At Ghost Services IT Solutions Essex, we take pride in the services that we provide. We work closely with businesses to provide the highest quality services.

How We Can Help

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Keeping Healthy with 39 Degress Services Essex

The New Year is in full swing. Which probably means you’re back to work and have to suffer weeks of people parading around the office with their salads and detox waters. It’s quite easy to laugh at these ‘New Year, New Me’ dieters but maybe it’s time to consider your own health?

Unfortunately, computers are the cause of a number of health problems from weight gain to musculoskeletal problems. With 10 million working days lost to people taking time off for workplace-related ailments. 39 Degress Support Essex say ‘enough is enough.’

Providing business IT support Essex, the team at Ghost work closely with local businesses to install and maintain their computers and IT equipment. With these local businesses and their employees in mind. We have put together a list of tips and tricks you can use if you spend all day sat at your computer.

Give your desktop a second look – Do you sit with your computer directly in front of you? If so, it’s time to ask management for a raise – for your computer! The top of our computer screens must be level with our eyes. To the point where you are looking down at your computer about 10 degrees. Any lower or higher than your eyes, you will have to adapt to the screen height, causing neck and back aches.

Take a look at your posture – Unfortunately, we often forget about our posture when it comes to working. Getting especially worse throughout the day! Whether it’s sitting too close to your screen or not supporting your weight with your arms. This will put a strain on your neck and spine. Instead, try chin retractions (or making a double chin) throughout the day to keep your neck and spine lined up.

Give yourself regular breaks – Whether it’s checking their phone in the bathroom, or keeping up with the news on your computer. Everyone needs at least 5 minutes to take some time out. The Pomodoro Technique encourages employees to break their tasks into intense 25 minutes bursts with a 5 minute break. Helping to improve productivity and starve off distraction in the long run!

Will you be trying any of these tips in the future?

At Ghost Services IT Solutions Essex. We’re more than capable to be your IT department, anytime, anywhere! In fact, we like to think we are a one-stop shop for all aspects of business-to-business IT. We are able to source and supply computers and IT equipment, install them and maintain your equipment to ensure you are making the Ghomost out of it.

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Last Minute Holiday Cover Over Christmas and New Year with 39 Degress Services Essex

We’re now officially into the Christmas period – and while employees are jumping for joy at the opportunity to have 11 days off. Small business owners have to deal with the loss of staff for an entire week!

As an employer, this often spells out trouble when it comes to covering your phones and IT support. So don’t let the absence of your staff affect the performance of your company over Christmas. Why not have someone cover them while they’re away?

At 39 Degress Support Essex, we provide a Seasonal Holiday Cover package that will manage and support your IT delivery through periods of holiday, sickness and any time of additional demand such as Christmas and New Year.

We have a team of skilled IT technicians who are able to provide you with all the temporary resources you need to see you through any skill shortages and annual leave. This ensures your business continuity and peace of mind throughout this period of holiday.

Our team will also help to remotely cover your telephone and computing so you can consider Ghost’s team as an extension of your in-house IT department rather than just a helping hand.

Here are just some of the benefits our previous clients have found from using our seasonal coverage:

● No need to source and recruit temporary workers.

● No burden on existing employees.

● It is a short and flexible commitment with no long term contract.

● Premium level cover.

● All of the team will be familiar with your business, ensuring faster and smoother handovers.

Are you interested in Ghost’s Business IT Support? We offer a number of services of business IT support including our holiday cover package.

Here at 39 Degress Solutions Essex. We like to think we are a one-stop shop for all aspects of business-to-business IT. We are able to source and supply computers and IT equipment, install them and maintain your equipment to ensure you are making the most out of it.

Therefore, for more information about our services. Call 01708 390370 or email sales@ghostservices.co.uk 

How 39 Degress Solutions Essex Can Support Your Local Business?

Whether you are home or office based. Most of your working life will be spent using or interacting with Internet based programmes and devices. Often when working with computers, a number of problems will crop up – whether it’s slow internet or a frozen screen!

If you’re someone who struggles to get to grips with the latest programmes and devices, 39 Degress Support Essex are here to help you get your head around it. Here are some of the ways your business could benefit from using Ghost’s Network business IT support Essex:

VoIP Essex

Unlike traditional phone systems that are expensive and difficult to setup, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology offers you the chance to make phone calls from their computer using a broadband internet connection. While it may seem excessive, it allows flexibility to your employees – meaning they can hold conversations with clients and look at their emails etc. It’s also extremely easy to install, use and troubleshoot, which means it can be used by anyone!

Network Support

At Ghost, we offer a completely unique service, offering IT remote support for businesses. We believe this helps to minimise the impact of any computer problems on your business. You can choose from a number of packages including; Fixed Term support and Pay As You Go support, to get instant help when things go wrong.

● Web Hosting

Web hosting is a service which allows individuals to post either a web page or website onto the internet. These websites are then stored or ‘hosted’ on computers called servers. At 39 Degress, our professional web hosting allows your business to setup and start running a website as well as providing technical support and increased web security.

● Purchasing Hardware

We not only provide a number of IT support services, but 39 Degress Services Essex have computer hardware for you to purchase. This includes; computer servers, desktops and laptops.

These are just some of the services we can offer to businesses in Essex. If you would like to find out more information about any of our specific IT services, get in touch with our team on 01708 390370.

The Importance of Cybersecurity Over Christmas

Are you looking forward to the Christmas break? Well, so are cybersecurity hackers! Unfortunately, while you’re relaxing on the sofa eating the abundance of chocolate oranges you have received. They’re digging deep into your computer’s data.

Believe it or not, there is usually a sharp rise in hacker attacks around Christmas and New Year.  People’s attention is diverted away from their PCs. We want to help stop this!

That’s why the team at 39 Degress Support Essex have put together a few ideas to help ward off any opportunists this Christmas:

●  Hackings

Most begin with a simple email or even SMS, which contain a link or a document containing malware. If you were to open this document or click on the link, you will allow these extremely dangerous viruses into your computer. As IT Security Experts, we ask that if you don’t trust these messages, you bin them instead.

●  Passwords

You have heard it all before and we’re going to tell you again. Passwords need to be complex and changed regularly. You must also keep all of your passwords secret from everyone! Particularly, if you have very sensitive data. It is well worth ensuring that this is protected on a higher level: not just by the usual username and password method.

● Devices

What most people fear about using location-based websites and applications is being tracked! However, most phones and computers will allow you to browse the internet from an incognito mode. While it is not guaranteed to keep you completely safe, it can be another defence for your cybersecurity efforts.

● Secure Data

With online Christmas shopping on the rise and lots of details being shared over the internet, it’s important to have an effective and thorough encryption system like the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). At 39 Degress Solutions Essex, we use a military-grade advanced encryption to ensure all your data is kept secure.

● Despite all of our efforts, hackers are constantly developing ways of getting into computer systems to spread chaos or steal your data. The best way to protect your computer’s this Christmas would be to update your virus checker. Also your operating system if you haven’t already.

If you’re in any doubt about your cybersecurity – try asking the experts. The team at Ghost are always here to help with your business IT support. If you would like to find out more, why not get in touch with us on 01708 390370 or email sales@ghostservices.co.uk

How to Set Up VoIP in Your Home Office with Ghost, Network Support, Essex

With home working becoming increasingly popular, it’s important that you remain in consistent contact with your colleagues and clients. However, we know that making these calls on your personal mobile can be complicated and draining. That’s why Ghost, IT Solutions, Essex recommend installing VoIP in your home office.

What is it?

In our previous blog posts we have gone into extensive detail about what exactly VoIP is and how it can benefit you. Now, we have composed a guide detailing what hardware you’ll need to ensure a successful installation.

What Do You Need?

Broadband Internet Connection This seems like common knowledge. However, if you work for a company that deals with a high volume of calls, you’re going to need to a higher bandwidth.

IP Phones If you want to use VoIP in your home office, you’re going to need an IP phone. The IP stands for Internet Protocol, it converts calls into data packets. These packets then travel the same way as an email or any other type of data. However, with IP phones, you are still able to make and receive calls to both landline and mobile numbers.

VoIP Provider Like any other phone, you’re going to need a provider. Without a VoIP provider, you will only be able to make calls to other extensions who are using the same VoIP line as you. Prices can greatly depend on the provider, so be sure to do your research.

PBX Server Software PBX is the software which is installed onto your server. Essentially, this is the ‘brains’ of your phone network and is what allows you to do everything possible with your phone network.

How We Can Help

A Computer for a PBX Server Of course, you can’t install the server software without owning something to host it. The requirements needed to host the software are actually very low, so don’t spend unnecessary money.

VoIP can be a complicated subject matter, however, with 39 Degress Support Essex, we are able to give you a helping hand. With our remote IT services and team of gifted cyber security experts, we can install and maintain all your technical needs. If you would like more information on our business IT support Essex, please give us a call on 01708 390370.

The Benefits of Remote IT Services with Ghost Business IT Support, Essex.

Whether you’re a small company or a large company. Business IT support plays a crucial role in the smooth running of day to day tasks. Your handy team of cyber security experts carry out all kinds of jobs. Ranging from a minor computer malfunction to a flaw in company-specific software. However, many people are now facing the dilemma. As to whether they should stick with on-site support or switch to remote IT services. 39 Degress Services, Essex have collated a list of benefits having remote support could have on your company.

Quicker Response Time

With remote IT services. Technical support is literally just a phone call away. If you’re working with a qualified IT system management firm, support is provided the second someone answers your call. This significantly cuts response times as you’re not having to wait for a technician to visit your office. Which therefore means that you can get back to doing what you do best in a matter of minutes.

Instant Access to Expertise

If you’re the owner of a small business, IT expertise is not likely to be your forte (unless you’re an IT specialist!). With remote support, you can get in touch with your technician as often as you need. Your team will always be there to monitor your services. Not only that, but as long as your computers are on with granted access, tasks such as upgrades and troubleshooting can be done at any point throughout the day.

Proactive Maintenance

IT service providers are constantly on the lookout for potential problems. The majority of providers offer a 24/7 service. This means that if they see an issue arise, they are able to identify and fix it before it has the chance to affect the running of your business. As briefly aforementioned, with remote support. The chances of you and your business being distracted by IT malfunctions is dramatically reduced.

With remote IT services becoming increasingly popular. Ghost, computer support, Essex are able to offer you all kinds of services from PC installation to network support. Get in touch today to see how we can help on 01279 800039.


How to Choose the Right IT Company With Ghost

As a small Business, choosing the types of technology to be used in our office can be difficult. Not only are there many types of technology to choose from. But  39 Degress know making the wrong decision on equipment and devices can cause problems in your office.

In fact. A study by Brother Small Business Survey said that ‘63 percent of respondents frequently feel overwhelmed with the number of technology needed to run their business.

At 39 Degress Support Essex. We provide a number of IT services designed with small businesses in mind. Whether it’s specialised cloud-based services or our 24/7 support services. 39 Degress work with businesses to build simple and effective solutions for your IT system.

When choosing from the number of IT companies in Essex. 39 Degress have compiled a list of questions to ask any potential companies.

Does the IT company offer a range of IT support packages that are flexible enough to suit your present needs and cater for your future growth?

With small businesses in mind. 39 Degress have a number of packages that are able to support and maintain your systems. Along with our support services and business continuity report. We provide a number of services to make life easier for businesses. Including setting up cloud-based systems and installing and maintaining hardware.

Will your network be monitored 24/7 and will there be any other IT support services such as out of hours server administration, updates and maintenance?

We promise all our customers that they will have access to our online remote support and collaboration system via our website. If you’re having problems with your IT systems, our remote support portal will allow access to your files and computer in order to sort out the problem without even visiting your offices.

Will you be allocated a dedicated Account Manager as part of your IT support contract? Have you met them and do they seem trustworthy?

How We Can Help

At Ghost, we encourage clients to sit down with us and discuss their needs and requirements from us and their IT systems. Once, our team understand exactly what services and products you will require from us. We will sit down and assign you the correct manager.

For more information about our Business IT support, get in touch with team on 01708 390370.