Facebook Security Breach: October 2018

Facebook Security Breach:
October 2018


On Tuesday 25th September 2018, Facebook was the victim of a cyber-attack, which has affected over 30 million Facebook users. This attack is the worst security breach that Facebook has been the victim of, with the hackers successfully accessing the personal data of 29 million Facebook accounts.

Facebook has launched an investigation into this cyber-attack, after discovering that the attackers had obtained tokens from the system, which allows them to request certain information from the platform.

The hackers have accessed a range of information from these users, including their personal information and contact details. For around 15 million users, the attackers obtained their usernames and contact details, and this includes their phone numbers and email addresses.

For the other 14 million Facebook accounts, the hackers accessed the above information, as well as their gender, language, relationship status, religion, hometown, current city, birthdate, education and more.

Facebook users can check whether they have been affected by the attack by visiting their Help Centre. Victims should also have received a message from Facebook themselves, informing whether you are 1 of the 30 million, and explaining which information may have been accessed.


Cyber Security for your business

Here at 39 Degress, we believe that cyber security is paramount for running a business. If large organisations are vulnerable to security breaches, it’s important that you are protected from cybercrime.

With our Cyber Security services, we’ll help protect your business against the latest ransomware, malware, hackers and other threats, and ensure that you avoid becoming the victim of cybercrime. Ghost will also ensure that your business-critical data is secure and that your business complies with ISO27001 and GDPR regulations.

Our Cyber Security services include PEN testing, anti-virus and anti-malware, 2-factor authentication, email security and even Certified Cyber Security training for your workforce. To find out more about how Ghost can help improve your cyber security capabilities, call our team today on 01279 800039 and speak directly with one of our experts, who can help you prevent a cybercrime from occurring. You can also find out more by visiting our Managed Cyber Security services page.

Why Cyber Security Is So Important For Your Business

Why Cyber Security Is So Important For Your Business

The increasing transfer of data (from old-fashioned paper filing systems to digital formats) in recent years has allowed business efficiency to increase in leaps and bounds. No more bulging filing cabinets or heavy document boxes to contend with, now information is literally at your fingertips and can be accessed within seconds. While this has inarguably made things a lot easier for most businesses, albeit with the proviso that a few new skill sets have needed to be acquired, it also comes with its own risks and dangers. No longer does someone intent on sabotage need to actually get into the building to do you serious harm. This is why Cyber Security is important for your business.

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Remember the infamous Ashley Madison hack a few years ago? The information you hold on people doesn’t need to be as compromising or embarrassing as theirs was, but that doesn’t make it any less important. You have a responsibility not only to your business but also to your clients and suppliers to protect their data. According to a study by the DCMS, the Information Commissioner’s Office, the National Cyber Security Centre and Margot James MP earlier this year, over 40 percent of all businesses in the UK suffered some form of cyber attack in the previous twelve months. Fraudulent emails were the most common form of attack, with organisations being impersonated online coming a close second.

Simple steps to avoid social engineering attacks can be taken, and it’s vital that everyone in the organisation knows what to look out for and what steps to take to avoid being duped. But there are some attacks the avoidance of which need more than basic frontline training.

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At Ghost Services, we can offer help with both. Not only will we make your data 100 percent secure, we will also help you improve your organisation’s cyber security awareness culture, offering you protection from all kinds of attacks both social and digital. In addition we will also make sure you are totally compliant with data protection legislation to help you avoid inadvertently becoming the bad guy yourself.

Remember, your data these days is as important as your balance sheet, and it’s a dangerous world out there. But we’re here to help 24 hours a day. Contact us now for more information.

Call us today to discuss your business IT requirements, and we’ll take the tech strain and let you get back to worrying about your bottom line. Call 01279 800039, or fill in our online contact form on our contact form page.

GRU Cyber Attack Allegations – Protecting Your Business from Cybercrime

Last week, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) discovered and exposed several cyber-attacks that were conducted by the Russian military intelligence service, the GRU. Britain – along with its allies Australia and New Zealand, have accused the GRU of being responsible for many attacks over the past couple of years.

Even with the latest installments in cyber security, large Government agencies are becoming victims of cybercrime. Any organisation can be victimised by cybercrime, making it vital for your business to maximise its Cyber Security capabilities, and to help prevent an attack from occurring.

Here are four ways you can protect your business from Cybercrime

Install the latest anti-virus and anti-malware software

Installing anti-virus and anti-malware solutions on your devices will minimise the risk of an attack and will protect your business against the latest threats, including ransomware, malware, hackers and so on.

Download the latest updates on OS and applications

As well as installing the latest anti-virus software for your PCs, it is important that you download the latest updates for your operating system, and for every application you use, as soon as they come available. With the end of Windows 7 OS just around the corner, you will need to migrate to the latest Windows OS, as security will no longer be released, making you more vulnerable to newly developed malware.

Ensure That Your Passwords Are Secure

Whilst this may seem like an obvious way to prevent a breach, it is one of easiest ways for hackers to access your data. Passwords provide the first line of defence to your PC and if a password is simple enough, hackers will take a guess and most likely gain access and control of your data.

It is vital that your employees all have strong and secure passwords, to ensure that hackers cannot intrude your devices. As a simple rule, ensure that your employees have at least 12 characters in their password, 1 capital letter, 1 number and 1 symbol.

Undertake Staff Awareness Training

It’s highly important that your staff are aware of cyber security, and their responsibilities in preventing cybercrime. By carrying out cyber security awareness training, you will ensure that your team are fully aware of cybercrime and understand the consequences of their actions. This will reduce the chance of a cyber-attack and will mean they follow the correct procedures.

We are Cyber Essential Certified, and provide training and awareness programs to businesses that want to educate their team and make them aware of cybercrime. This program will provide your team with the tools and knowledge to prevent a cyber-attack from happening.

Ghost provides a comprehensive range of Cyber Security services that will help avoid the possibility of a cyber-attack. We’ll ensure that your data is 100% secure and that you are compliant with the latest regulatory requirements, including GDPR and ISO27001.

If you need to protect your business from cybercrime, get in touch with 39 Degress today on 01279 800039 and speak directly with one of our experts.

Cyber Security: The biggest concern of 2018?

Cyber security has been number one on web developers’ minds for years. However, business owners are only just seeing the importance of this due to the on-going issues of hacking seen since 2017.

Technology is evolving faster than ever before which is fantastic for us, of course, but also fantastic for cyber criminals. The ever-growing tech base brings ever-growing opportunities which are at risk of exploitation.


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It is not only businesses that are at risk, it is also personal and customer data which are threatened with cyber attacks. Remember: if you think you are safe, you probably aren’t, so it is always best to have your systems checked by professionals in this industry.

Without the correct safeguards and anti-virus processes it is only a matter of time before you will become a victim of cybercrime. Luckily for you, companies such as Ghost Services https://www.ghostservices.co.uk/ are here to offer expert services in order to keep your business and your data safe and secure.


The Internet of Things (IoT)

You have your very own Internet of Things. Your iPad, iPhone, tablet etc. are all connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. IoT in simple terms refers to the number of devices which are being synced to the internet and interacting with each other.


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The risk with IoT is if a hacker successfully hacks into your iPad for example, they will no doubt, already have access to information stored on your phone, laptop and any of your other devices.


TIP: Always have your Wi-Fi password protected and your network shielded by a firewall.


Can I have your name & email address please?


Another issue is that people rarely think twice about giving out their private data. By private data we don’t mean bank details, address and D.O.B (that would just be silly!), we mean data as simple as your email address. This is alerting hackers that you have an active email address just waiting to be targeted.


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TIP: Never ‘Save’ login details to any device, especially devices which you don’t own.

If you would like to find out how we can help you get cyber-safe then please contact us! Email sales@ghostservices.co.uk or call 01279 800039.