5 Security Tips for Your Business to Implement

Technology has become a convention of everyday life for many. But with an increased use of desktops, laptops and mobile devices, security awareness and implementation is crucial. There is no excuse for leaving the security of your business to chance, just follow these five security tips from the experts here at 39 Degress Services.

1 Implement Strong Passwords

Strong passwords are a quick and easy fix to improve the security of your devices.

To ensure that your password is secure avoid using any personal data like birthdates. Also, steer away from sequences of numbers that are close together. A combination of capital and lower case letters with numbers and symbols will make your password harder to crack.

2 Back-up Your Devices

Backing-up your services weekly onto an external hard drive or the cloud will ensure that your data is stored and cannot be lost. Incremental back-ups each night will provide a security copy that contains the files which have been altered since the last full backup. 39 Degress Services are experts on cloud services so your devices will be in safe hands.

3 Install Anti-Virus

An essential for online security, anti-virus software works as a line of defence against any attempts on attacking your network. You can rely on 39 Degress services to efficiently install and update anti-virus software for your work devices.

4 Put Up a Firewall

Whatever the size of your network, corporate or small, both have the same security issues. A software firewall will block and protect any unauthorized attempts on entering your network. The typical understanding of a firewall is that it works as a complete block, however it is more of a filter that is controlled by an access control list.

5 Inform Employees

Informing employees of the security measures that will be introduced and encouraging safe online habits can work as a further prevention method for any threats on your network. Just ask the experts of 39 Degress for any more information on security tips.

Are you interested in following these tips in the future?

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How Can Web Hosting Benefit Your Business

The term ‘Web Hosting’ is thrown around a lot in IT departments. But what does it actually mean? Essentially, web hosting is a service which allows individuals to post either a web page or website onto the internet. Websites are then stored or ‘hosted’ on computers called servers. Professional and expert web hosting allows for technical support and increased web security. Which is simply not accessible with free web options. But how exactly can professional web security benefit your business?


If you were to choose a large hosting service, despite the one and only benefit of a cheap service in the short term. Your company could actually be in jeopardy in the long term. This is because you the customer, are lost in a vast sea of other companies .Which means no one is actually looking after your site. And in turn, leads to poor service. Many times, large hosting sites are often a target for hackers as they can extract a lot of information quickly. However, with a dedicated hosting service you are less likely to get hacked. In turns this ends up with a service that is a lot more reliable.

Design Roam

A professional web hosting site can give you unrestricted access to how your website looks. As well as what supporting technologies you wish to use. This is a great advantage to your business as you don’t need to worry about compromising on certain aspects of your site. You have free reign to create your website, just how you want it.

Personalised Features

With a professional web hosting service, you have access to a private domain name. This may not seem like a big deal but you are able to create personalised emails and email campaigns. This will contribute to increasing your brand recognition. Potential leads are more likely to use your service if they see that your email address reflects your company. This will also help maintain your work / life balance. aAs you can now introduce clients to your branded email system.

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How can start-up businesses in Essex benefit from hosted services?

Whether you are home or in an office, doing business in the cloud is a fast and reliable way of accessing files. And software programmes wherever you are. These services are redefining how small enterprises do their business. So it’s important to stay on top of the latest technologies. To ensure your company is benefiting as much as possible. Here are some of the ways your start-up can benefit from these services.

1. Easier collaboration

First of all, collaboration between employees can be hard when you’re starting out. Particularly if you don’t have an office setup yet or if certain employees work from home. Collaboration is made easy in the cloud. With the ability to save and access numerous files and work from the same document.

Furthermore, it’s also the perfect way for small business employers to track individuals’ progress on tasks. 39 Degress Services have hosted backup available with just one monthly fee and at a fraction of the cost of traditional IT infrastructure.

2. Flexibility

In addition, one of the best aspects of cloud computing is having the ability to access work files and information from any device at any time. In the mobile world we live in, the workplace has come a long way from files being stuck on a single server. This is vital for start-up business owners who will always be on the go and need to access files at any given time. One way of managing this is through Ghost’s Hosted Exchange. Which therefore enables greater freedom and flexibility in managing your communications across multiple devices.

3. Cost-effective

Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that cloud services can provide small businesses with significant savings. Doing business in the cloud and going virtual increases the value of physical server hardware. Meaning small businesses can do more with less. This means lower costs for installation. Even hardware and support costs. Which most of all is invaluable for start-ups with limited budgets.

Therefore if you are an Essex business looking for hosted services, or web hosting  , get in touch with our IT experts today on 01708 390370.

Ghost Blog – Preventing A Cyber Attack on your Business

Did you know cyber-attacks cost British businesses £34billion a year in terms of lost revenue and increases in their spend on IT support? However, this figure could be even higher should a breach go undetected.

Following the attack on the NHS’s network system, 39 Degress services want to address the importance of protecting your computers from large-scale cyber-attacks – like the one that threatened to shut down the NHS’s network.

Here are our top tips on preventing an attack on your business’s network:

Regularly Back Up Data

Remind your employees to frequently back up their data throughout the year to ensure that no critical data is lost in the event of an attack. The team of IT professionals at Ghost suggests storing your data away from the office, to be extra secure. This could be by using a cloud system where all data can be remotely accessed and encrypted when data is regarding the company and clients.

Change Passwords Frequently

It is vital that you and your employees change your passwords on a regular basis, particularly if you have access to important accounts. A good benchmark is to change passwords once every two months, making sure you include different classes of characters – a mix of special characters, uppercase and lower case and numbers is the best choice. Ghost’s IT experts suggest never writing your password down and never use the same password on multiple accounts.

Watch Out for Red Flags

Did you know phishing scams rise by 20% per year? This means that employees should be trained to keep a watchful eye out for such harmful emails. While email providers are constantly improving their spam detection, some trickier spam messages can find a way to make it into your inbox. Ghost’s experts say to look for emails disguised as a trusted client or recognisable brand, which contain dead giveaways such as spelling errors in the text and not addressing you by your name.

Look out for suspicious attachments, messages that ask for personal or credit card information and emails that request immediate action.

Are you in need of an IT solution that can help to prevent your business from future cyber attacks? Make sure you do it before it’s too late! To speak to one of the team here at Ghost, call 01708 390370 or email sales@ghostservices.co.uk