39D Networking Event January


39D and our partners are pleased to invite you to our networking event at The Loughton Club on the 14th January 2020. At this event you will learn about Cyber Security, how to protect private wealth / digital assets, how to improve your social media presence online, and firsthand experience about the work the Essex and Herts Air Ambulance carries out every day to help save lives.


14th January 2020 – 6pm – 9pm


Loughton Club – 8 Station Rd, Loughton IG10 4NX

Talk times


Welcome and introduction – Matthew Southgate Founder of 39D


Cyber Security by 39D  learn more about how to protect your computer. – Presented by Matthew Southgate with over 15 years background in Cyber Security and hosted services. – Matthew Southgate Founder of 39D


Strategy for Social Media by 24 Fingers – A chance to learn more about how to improve your social media for your business – Emma Goode – Managing Director


Private Wealth and how to protect it, and digital assets – Lesley Anne and Gina Berry – Attwaters Jameson Hill Solicitor


Simon Stevens a firsthand experience of Essex And Hearts Air Ambulance. Including a charity update.

7.15pm A chance to network with fellow professionals and raffle draw.


Thank you to the Loughton Club. It is a magnificent resource in the center of Loughton providing the community with 3 separate bars, a function hall and a members only snooker hall.  We host a whole variety of community groups as well as social areas to meet with your friends; relatives and work colleagues. We also have Sky and BT to view all ranges of sports and have some terrific tribute bands planned for 2020.

Find out more at https://39d.co.uk or call us on 01279 800 039

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Outsourcing Your IT – Why it’s SUCH a good idea for SMEs

Outsourcing Your IT  – Why it’s SUCH a good idea for SMEs

In the small to medium-sized enterprise market, the last few years have seen the once-ubiquitous IT department gradually losing popularity as more and more businesses decide to outsource their IT support and rely on off-site providers for security, storage and networking solutions. According to datacenterjournal.com, IT outsourcing is at his highest percentage for 5 years – and although it seems that the number of functions that are being outsourced is not increasing, the volume of work sent to outside service providers is.

why outsourcing IT is a good idea for smes

There are many reasons why IT outsourcing can give you an advantage over having an on-site IT department although probably the most important one is financial. Hiring IT professionals as full-time staff can be very costly, especially if your infrastructure is large and you require several people to keep it running. Contracting out means that you can end up paying far less for the same level of expertise over time, as well as saving money on equipment.

tech support small business

And expertise is what it’s all about. Assuming you are not yourself an IT company, chances are that you are far better at running and organising your own business than you are at maintaining its IT infrastructure, and unless you already have someone with that skillset on board, you’re going to have to either hire in or train existing staff, both of which can be costly and time-consuming. Outsourcing allows you to access that same level of expertise without having to increase headcount or retrain large amounts of your own staff.

I need help with my IT, Essex

Basically, unless you already have it covered, IT support is a distraction. You will be far too busy dealing with the actual business end of your enterprise to give it the attention it deserves. If you can rely on a trained professional to be on hand to ensure that the nuts and bolts of the operation are all in functional order, then you can dedicate yourself and your team to ensuring that your business is a success.

Professional racing drivers don’t tend to get under the hoods of their vehicles themselves- their talent is in driving the car, not calibrating the engine. And applying similar logic to your IT needs can similarly allow you to reach the finish line just that little bit faster.

Call us today to discuss your business IT requirements, and we’ll take the tech strain and let you get back to worrying about your bottom line. Call 01279 800039, or fill in our online contact form by visiting our IT support services page here.





A business networking event held by Ghost Computer Services Limited has been hailed a ‘Great Success’ by both organisers and visitors.


The Harlow Company set up their ‘tech-based’ event held on the 24th of February. Entitled, ‘New Technology For 2016’. It aimed to bring together members of the local business community in an informal, welcoming environment and encourage them to create new, potentially beneficial contacts.


Ghost offer state-of-the-art ‘cloud’ and IT services and support to businesses in London and Essex. Unfortunately, Ghost’s MD, Matthew Southgate was unable to attend having been involved in a car accident prior to the event. Claire Aspell, Head of Operations at Ghost, said: ‘Matthew was hospitalized after the accident but insisted that we carried on in his absence. He’s recovering well and is very pleased with the outcome”.


Ghost Computer Services were supported by Paul Turner of Ladybird Communications Ltd and David Hilling of Active Security Ltd, who bought their specific knowledge to the meeting and displayed some of the new technological advances in their respective fields. They were very well received.


More than 35 business owners from Harlow, Sawbridgeworth and Bishop’s Stortford attended. Steve Chew, of local marketing firm Magnificent Stuff, said: ‘Claire and her team have done a brilliant job. The atmosphere was excellent and I saw numerous business cards being exchanged. SMEs in Harlow can only benefit from more business networking events like this one’


Ms Aspell went on to say: ‘the feedback has been very positive. We will certainly be having further networking events in the future, perhaps quarterly or every second month.’


Watch this space for more updates from Ghost Computers and details of forthcoming meetings.




To learn more about Ghost Computer Services Limited or to enquire about future events please contact Head of Operations, Claire Aspell on 01279 800039 or via e-mail, Claire@ghostservices.co.uk


Ghost can be found at Suite 1, Unit 11, West Road, Harlow. Essex. CM20 2BU, or at www.ghostservices.net.

BNI-ce to the Newcomers…

So I’m not exactly a networking rookie – I ran a women’s business startup group for several years – but I must admit I was a bit apprehensive about coming as a guest to BNI. I’m used to the cosy all-girls-together approach of organisations like Mumpreneurs, Bizee Women and Athena, and BNI was my first toe into wider waters. Chilly waters, I feared.
To tell the truth, I was expecting a roomful of hard-nosed business-types in power-suits, banging on the table and trading tales of six-figure quotes like seafarers trade their yarns. It also didn’t help that on the day I visited, one of my teenagers had decided to celebrate half-term by being ill all night, which made me arrive really, really late.
Well: I’ve never been backward in coming forward (I’ve strutted my stuff on a fair number of stages in my time, including swinging off a gantry at the Newcastle Playhouse, with a cigar in my mouth and wearing voluminous bloomers, in front of half of Tyneside) but walking into a roomful of no-nonsense strangers, who are in mid-elevator-pitch, before 7.30am: intimidating?
Absolutely not. No frosty faces, frowns or tutting at all – I was welcomed into the fold and even if I’d missed some of the open networking, I was caught up in the general swing of the meeting, listening to everyone’s one-minute presentation, introducing myself and acknowledging the client who had invited me, and noting down possible people to do business with or refer to friends.
After the meeting, I was able to talk in a little more detail with some of the members, which was great as they were all very friendly and encouraging.
Obviously any networking organisation is going to be looking for new blood – but this chapter of BNI at least was energetic, professional without being intimidating, and very welcoming without insisting that visitors joined immediately. The general impression I came away with was a favourable one: on leaving the venue, I filed my copy for a blog post right away and contacted a few members who had stood out.
Even if I don’t join BNI right away, I’m more than happy to act as sub for my client and go along to find out more about the chapter and meet more of its members. And next time, I’m going to be there in time for the legendary breakfast as well.