Why Moving Office is the Best Time to Introduce VoIP to Your Company

Voice Over Internet Protocol, more commonly known as VoIP is a combination of hardware and software which allows you to make voice calls using nothing but a broadband internet connection rather than a traditional phone line.

Why Use VoIP?

We understand most companies heavily rely on computers to carry out the majority of work. However, the phone also plays a vital role in office life. There’s no denying, moving office is a tedious task. You have to consider many things such as making sure your system is backed up should the unthinkable happen and you also need to make sure everything you need is packed up and ready to go.

Once you’ve moved office, you then have the stress of unpacking and waiting for the broadband. On top of that you then need to wait for a phone line to be installed so you can start conversing with clients. What if we told you we could take the stress away? Well, we can.

VoIP can be installed at the same time as your broadband line, which means you’re not waiting for days on end for your phones to be connected.

VoIP can also save your company vast amounts of money. Due to it being dependent on a broadband line, you will incur no phone costs. Another benefit of VoIP is being able to make international calls as well as conference calls. Depending on your broadband width you can make calls with people up to triple figures.

VoIP can also increase productivity as it allows employees to attach documents and share data whilst video conferencing.

Despite VoIP sounding like a bunch of technical jargon, installation and how it works is actually fairly simple. Above were just a few benefits of introducing voice over internet protocol into your office.

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Benefits of using VoIP for Your Business  

Despite lots of your day to day work being done on a computer, businesses still need to use phones for communication with clients and potential customers. In fact, when you’re setting up a new office, one of the first things you think about is reliable phone and internet access.

Unlike old phone systems that are expensive and difficult to setup, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology offers the user to make phone calls from their computer using a broadband internet connection.

At 39 Degress Services Essex, our experts have listed the benefits of using VoIP over traditional telephone methods.

Increased Flexibility and Mobility

 Using VoIP does more than just reduce your phone bills, it enables your staff to integrate software programs such as emails and remote conferencing over the internet via telephone.

VoIP users can also bring their adapters with them anywhere they go, meaning they can hold conversations at venues that have internet connection. This increase in mobility can help individuals who are always on the move i.e. those who travel a lot during working hours.

Increased Productivity

 VoIP also increases the productivity of your organisation by allowing your employees to multi-task without any interruptions. VoIP systems allow users to attach documents, conduct virtual meetings and share data while video conferencing.

Easy to Install, Use and Troubleshoot

While it may sound complex, VoIP require little technical knowledge. In fact, it’s easy installation process and the mobility of the VoIP makes the system preferable over traditional telephones. For example, there is no longer the need for separate cabling unlike with traditional methods. This scalability makes it easy to add new components to the VoIP system without any hassle.

If you’re still not sure of the benefits of using a VoIP system, why not contact 39 Degress Support in Essex?

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